Powerful Troop Of Clash Of Clan

PEKKA, the most powerful troop in Clash of Clans has the highest damage-per-second. PEKKA requires the most Elixir to train and the longest time period to finish training in Clash of Clans. Why wouldn’t it take time? It’s so powerful at cutting out the buildings with her sword.

troop in clash of clan

Supercellteaches us “Women Power” most probably. PEKKA is a female and still the strongest of them all. Say about Golem, it’s just a rock-man who can bear the shots of canons and the archer’s arrows. But can he do much damage? I don’t think so. No one knows if she is a knight, Samurai or a robot. All we have is an intel- PEKKA is female.

  • PEKKA is the most powerful troop in Clash of Clans.
  • You get to unlock her once you reach TH8.
  • PEKKA is the last troop in the Barracks- level 10.
  • She is heavy like anything, springs won’t work on her. Is she fat or it’s her armor? Mabye, LOL.
  • She has more conductivity of electricity because of her armor, Hidden Tesla does 2x damage on her.
    – It’s weird that she gets damaged due to electricity, because according to Physics, person wearing and armor would get saved from electric shock of the electricity will pass through the armor to earth. Still she is dying for it, strange but well it’s a game.
  • She is a Clan Castle Troop hater, she will look back when she is on attack by the castle troops to finish them.

Source – Clash Of Duty

PEKKA Table: Knowing More about Her

Attack Type Housing Space Training Time Movement Speed Attack Speed Attack Range Barracks Level
Ground Only 25 45m 16 2.5s 0.8 tiles 10

Disclosure:Tabe Credit= COCLAND

Level DPS DPA HP Training Cost  Upgrade Cost  Laboratory Level Research Time
1 240 600 2,800 28,000 0 0 0
2 270 675 3,100 32,000 3,000,000 6 10 days
3 300 750 3,500 36,000 6,000,000 6 12 days
4 340 850 4,000 40,000 7,000,000 8 14 days
5 380 950 4,500 45,000 8,000,000 8 14 days

Note: DPS= Damage per Second; DPA= Damage per Attack

Attacks that require PEKKA: Strategy

  • GOWIPE: Requires her to fulfill the name. (Golem, Wizard, PEKKA)
    – Golems to protect her from defences.
    – Wizards to demolist the less powerful defensive structures.
    – PEKKA to demolish the buildings within 1-2 seconds.
  • GOWIPE attack works best in wars and most TH8 and TH9 players will use this attack. And 2 PEKKAs together can demolish almost any building within 2 hits.
  • GoHoWiPe: This is another great way of taking down TH8 and TH9 easily.
    – Golem to project all land troops by absorbing most hits.
    – Hog Riders to go jumping and demolish the defences quicker.
    – Wizards are very powerful at splash attack, so they give out electric powers to demolish faster.
    – PEKKA to damage other structures faster.

Defending PEKKA: Tips to Survive

  • Upgrade 1 Telsa at a time.
    – Hidden Telsas are the only defence that can defend a PEKKA properly and too much accurately.
  • Guard your Hidden Telsas.
    – Put your telsas inside so that PEKKAs need more time to break in through the walls.
    – Guarding your telsa means, you’ve to allow other defensive buildings to guard it.
  • Upgrade your Skeleton Traps.
    – Upgrading your skeleton traps will bring out baby-skeletons to distract her.
    – Always re-arm your skeleton traps and let them attack her.
  • Request a Witch from your Clan friends.
    – That’s another great way of distracting her because the Witch will continuously bring out infinite skeletons, so that your defences can kill the PEKKA fast.


Here is your guide on using the most powerful troop and how to handle her in defences. I’m a fan of her myself because of the way she cuts out the buildings and breaks them within a few seconds. When I first hit TH8, I was over-excited about how this troop is gonna perform, but Voila! It was great obviously, and my first GOWIPE attack made me feel so alive.

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