Keeping Indian Ringneck Parakeets as Pets

Common names

Indian ringneck parrot, Indian ringneck parrot



Although the Indian ringneck has something of a reputation for being nippy and tough to educate, it is essentially undeserved.

Due to the fact they’re so smart, ringnecks lose interest very easily, and could frequently motel to chewing and different unfavourable conduct if left to their personal gadgets. In addition they go through a bluffing stage throughout formative years that is hard for some owners to manipulate. Ringnecks which might be treated regularly and well cared for, but, normally have candy, captivating personalities that cause them to a favourite of chook lovers everywhere. Their voices are almost comical as it’s miles a completely high-pitched but candy little voice. They do no longer have the recognition of being very affectionate however they’re generally a low-renovation bird if there is really the sort of thing. They do require time and attention notwithstanding their aloof personalities.


Ringnecks are available in shades starting from vibrant yellows, veggies, and blues, to albinos. Like a few other bird species, they’re known as dimorphic, that means that a hen’s sex can be determined by using its colorations and markings.

Males sport deep purple beaks, black facial markings, and 3 bands or color around their necks. Ladies, whilst nevertheless lovely, lack the facial and collar bands, even though a few do display a barely slight darkening of coloration round their necks.


Wild Indian ringnecks typically banquet on a diet of end result, greens, nuts, berries, and seeds.

Within the wild, they live in lightly timbered regions as well as farmed regions of the geographical region. They can be determined in western and southern areas of sudan. This species is quite popular inside the middle east and they’re often bred there. However they can nonetheless be determined within the wild. They tour in flocks so they may be used to having business enterprise. Inside the wild, they eat berries, fruit, nectar from plant life in addition to nicely as the flora themselves.

At the same time as most vets agree that it’s far exceptional for captive birds to consume a nutritionally balanced pelleted food plan, a ringneck will recognize a diffusion of culmination and vegetables of their weight loss plan. Leafy vegetables and greens are important for any associate parrot for a nutritionally sound food regimen and the Indian ringneck parrot is no exception. As with all birds, food and water boxes need to be emptied, cleaned, and refilled daily to lessen the risk of bacterial boom and infection.

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