Impostora Full Episode

Impostora is a successful Philippine drama. It is highly popular drama. Its story is based on conjoined twins Sara and Lara. Their parents want them to lead a normal life and decide to separate them by an operation. Due to the greedy and terrible behavior of their relatives, their lives turned into hell. In the meantime, their father died because of their uncle and their mother put both sisters for the adoption. This separation proved to be a malediction than a blessing. The story is very interesting and thrilling. It has many flavors of drama like suspense, romance, crime, and mystery.

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The response of the audience is positive for Impostora because of its enigmatic and thrilling story. The plot and pacing of scenes are amazing. Once you watch its first episode you will be hooked up to it because of its engaging story.

The actors did outstanding and remarkable acting in Impostora. It is also available online with English subtitles. It is enthralling and immersing story in which there is love, greed, and betrayal. The most intriguing thing about it is the idea of conjoined twins. The topic is unique and engrossing. You can watch full episodes of Impostora online also and enjoy its captivating story.

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