Haasil Drama Story And Cast

Haasil is an indian drama television series airing on sony tv and produced via siddhartha p. Malhotra below the banner of alchemy productions due to the fact thirtieth october 2017. It replaced the popular show kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi on the channel taking the nine:30pm slot.

Haasil is the tale of two brothers ranvir (zayed khan) and kabir raichand (vatsal sheth), whose lives get entwined with a clever, righteous legal professional aanchal shrivastav.

The raichands are a rich and influential own family in which the male head jatin raichand is often sidelined by way of his assertive spouse, sarika. Their sons ranvir and kabir imply the sector to them. Ranvir – the older brother – is a rational, beneficiant, and selfless magnate while kabir is the opposite – shielding of his loved ones (especially his brother) but a playboy and a brat.

In the meantime, aanchal hails from a center elegance background. Her family contains of her mother and more youthful brother aman. She misplaced her father at a young age. She runs an ngo and takes up a case of a rape sufferer, who seems to be ranvir’s secretary. She assumes him to be guilty and gets him arrested. The raichands, besides ranvir, broaden an on the spot dislike for aanchal. Because the case proceeds, the sufferer is murdered. However, kabir brings proof into the court docket, implicating the sufferer’s boyfriend, who teamed up with her to con the raichands for cash. Ranvir is immediately launched however kabir vows revenge on aanchal.

Initial misunderstandings are cleared up and ranvir hires aanchal to paintings for their organization in which she rubs off his cousin, gaurav, the wrong manner. Ranvir falls in love with aanchal but kabir woos her. Aman is suspicious of him. Later, it’s miles revealed that kabir deliberate to guide aanchal on and dump her right before their wedding ceremony to humiliate her. But, kabir truely falls in love with aanchal. Sarika would not approve, due to the fact aanchal’s horoscope says that her first husband will die quickly. She desires kabir to marry naina.

Whilst aanchal is shot at, kabir takes the bullet for her. It’s far revealed that the bullet turned into shot through gaurav, who turned into performing at the instructions of sarika. Naina also has an ulterior cause because she wishes kabir’s money to repay the money owed incurred with the aid of her brother rohan. In the meantime, ranvir is diagnosed with mind tumor. He indicates that aanchal marry him first in order that the prediction of her first husband’s is fulfilled and she and kabir can stay fortuitously ever after.

However ranvir is the master manipulator – he bribed the circle of relatives priest (pandit) to make the fake prediction, manipulated gaurav after which killed him, and then faked a mind tumor – concerned about aanchal. He even arms over his name as ceo to kabir. Aanchal and ranvir, meanwhile, are nevertheless married and an disappointed kabir blames aanchal – accusing her of loving a loser and marrying the winner. Jatin well-knownshows to aanchal that neither ranvir nor kabir are sarika’s biological youngsters. Kabir turned into his son together with his first spouse who died. He then married sarika and that they followed ranvir.

While ranvir realizes aanchal and kabir nonetheless love each other, he bribes naina and rohan by using paying off rohan’s debts. He makes naina fake a pregnancy so aanchal and sarika would insist on kabir marrying naina. Kabir knows naina is mendacity and since it’s far too early for a paternity test, he digs into naina’s beyond and reveals david, a musician whose infant she aborted because she wanted to trap kabir. David and kabir group up.

Ranvir notices aman to be suspicious of the drama surrounding aanchal and attempts to get him out of the manner, by means of secretly assisting him land a dream process in dubai. Aman groups up with kabir to look for evidence in opposition to naina which reveals not anything

Ranvir receives sick and demands his remaining desire to be fulfilled that is to marry anchal to which kabir agrees then it’s miles later found out that ranvir is not virtually sick after which david and kabir locate proof in opposition to naina which unveils her facade and anchal and kabir are reunited however then ranvir tells anchal to choose between him and kabir to which she chooses ranveer

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