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Prize Bond Draw Rs 7500 Full List in Quetta 1 November 2017

National Savings Bond List2017

Find the results of the draws of the bonds on the 2017 and annuals list on this page. Price Bonds are considered an investment and the type of National Price Bonds collateral is available in RS200, RS 750, RS 15,000 and RS 40,000 respectively. The price bonds are issued in a sequence, where each series consists of less than 1,000,000 bonds. The Bond schemes Prize in Pakistan provides an opportunity for poor and middle-income people to try their luck. The draw for bond buyers is held after three months. The result is updated accordingly. So what are you waiting for? Try your luck, buy the price link and you could get rich overnight! Find online drawback results. Finance provides a complete list of prize draws, calendars and lists of prize winners. You can consult the list of bond drawdowns if needed2017for further assistance. Disclaimer: All information on this page is sourced from reliable third-party sources in the industry, with the simple objective of providing general information to our users. Hamariweb neither endorses nor recommends for commercial advice as well as the accuracy of the data provided here. Price obligations are security securities. These obligations are implemented in series. Each series includes a tie of less than 1,000,000. No fixed return is paid but random draws are held quarterly. The price bond system is the only legal source for the poor and middle class to become rich. But recently, profit rates on savings regimes like defense savings regimes, regular income certificates, Behbood savings certificates , savings accounts and special savings certificates were increased from 8 to 50 basis points. Raffle Draw Rs 7500 Full List at Quetta November 1, 2017 Rs, 7500 Prize draw November 2017 Quetta will be fully updated at 5:00 pm with all the winners of the categories of price. The official website will also update the result of the prize bond 7500 of 01.11.2017. So keep visiting us to get the full results updates here. The saving’s share of total income over a period of time is called a savings rate. The gross saving rate of households in the EU is around 11%. By salvation, man increases his property, which decreases on the contrary by choice, inflation, etc. The savings are that disposable income is not used, that is, do not spend money. This interest rate (or interest rate) must be lower than that borrowed by the borrower because the operation of the bank, the insurance against risks and the bene- The profits of its owners are financed by this difference (so-called margin of interest). The full list of prints and the result will be updated today (1.11.2017) by dramas web. You can download Rs. 7500 Surety Quetta Draw List Prize Bond Result 01 November, 2017 and Check result online on this page.

5 Ways to Contact Uber for Help

After years of forcing customers to use e-mail to complain about anything, Uber is now committed to updating its technology. On Wednesday, the manager of the ride announced its intention to deploy its integrated customer support features globally, which it has implemented discreetly at the same time. United States since late 2015. For passengers, this means that since the application they are They will be able to check their notes, report a problem with their payment or their journey, or ask for help to recover An object they left in the car, for example. A spokesperson confirmed that from now on, passengers will no longer be able to send a message to their old support e-mail and will be directed to using the built-in feature at the same time. ‘application. Although the company has been working on this new approach to customer service, a mass shoot in Kalamazoo, Michigan, last month has raised questions around its customer response practices. . Although he has a \country button\ available in his application in India, Uber insists that in the United States, passengers must contact the authorities in case of emergency. Shortly after shooting from Michigan, it was revealed that Uber had a \critical safety intervention line\ in some American cities, but he did not did not announce it, because it tests so easily the customers can find it in its app. And that’s still a bit of a problem, even with Uber’s new in-app approach to customer service. Although it’s quite simple and easy to use, it’s buried in the app. Passengers should exit the main menu, then press  Help , which is one of the many options in the menu, then choose a problem category, and then browse for suggested common problems. . It is not terribly difficult but not entirely intuitive and it requires several steps. If you are looking for the Uber phone number, we will cover you. You can contact Uber customer service within the Uber app, helpdesk and Twitter. Do you have questions as a driver or driver? Contact Uber Customer Service using one of these 6 methods to contact Uber. There is a Uber number attached to their Uber company registration that primarily informs about the company and does not support you directly. You can call 800-353-8237 or (800) 353-UBER, but do not be disappointed if you receive a long message about Uber’s services. The best way to contact Uber Customer Support directly with any questions is to use the Travel Support link in the app, their Uber Online Support Center, or via @Uber_support. TIP: Always try to include the trip for which you have questions to help Uber support. Being so unhappy to lose an object in the Uber taxi? Do not worry, when driving with Uber, you can easily contact the driver by getting the direct number and then arrange the return of your item. Log in here and find the details of your recent Uber travels. To contact Uber through the Uber

Buying the Best GPS Tracker

Different GPS tracking subject requires different solution. That is why finding the best solution requires you to fully understand your needs and wants first. Several common subjects include spouses, elders and children, vehicles, and assets. Again, each of these subjects requires different solution and device.

When you are tracking your spouse, parents — especially with diseases such as Alzheimer — and children, you need a GPS device solution with notifications and geo fence to help you monitor them without having to stare at the tracking platform all the time. Geotab can help you set a certain area and notify you when the subject you are tracking leaves the designated area. Fast response on such condition is often required, so having the device notify you when the person you are tracking is leaving the area you have previously set will enable you to react fast enough and prevent bad things from happening. The device used to track people needs to be small and compact so to make it practical. Some device providers even offer wrist-watch GPS tracker; this type of device works best for tracking people.

Vehicles require different handling. GPS tracking solution for vehicle often stress on reliability and the capability to record historical data and route in real-time. Whether you are tracking your fleet or simply a personal vehicle, being able to monitor the route and set a certain course to follow will enable you to save more on gas and of course allow the journey to be faster. When the vehicle gets stolen, the device you are using must be able to pinpoint the location of your vehicle no matter where it is. GPRS-enabled the device works best on this situation, because it will keep feeding you with information on its whereabouts as long as it is within GSM network coverage area. You can track vehicles discretely if you are using compact and small device, but bigger models with more power can also work. You can also opt for GPS trackers than can be hardwired to a 12V power source to keep it on without having to worry about battery life.

No matter what kind of device you choose and for what needs, you need to make sure that the provider you choose care for your needs more than they care for their profits. Why? Because then they will do their best to make sure that their GPS tracking solution is not only reliable and accurate, but also affordable. Geotab GPS tracking costs you monthly fee, and to make the solution worth it the cost must be reasonably affordable. With the combination of reliability, accuracy, and affordability, the GPS tracking solution you are getting will be the best investment you make. You can stop worrying about your children getting lost or — God forbid — kidnapped, or your vehicle getting stolen, because you can now track their locations constantly.


Live Cricket Match Provides Thrill And Excitement

Not anything can ever beat the fun and pleasure of a stay cricket match. You can have visible the action live on television, listened to fit commentaries on radio, however you haven’t but skilled the real aspect when you have now not stuck up with a live cricket healthy. Cricket lovers are continually at the look out for an possibility to seize all their favorite players in motion on the sector in a live cricket suit. And why now not! In any case, that is the exceptional source for them to revel in the real exhilaration and enthusiasm.

Well if you are a die-difficult cricket fan, and feature till now not watched a stay cricket fit, believe me you don’t have any idea about what a real cricket in shape is. It is comprehensible that one won’t continually get the possibility to look at a stay cricket fit. There can be many motives for this, can be you live in a town where cricket suits are not held. So, this robotically reduces your probabilities of watching a live cricket fit. But fanatics have recognised to travel exceptional distances just to see their favourite players in action in a live cricket fit.

The revel in of looking a live cricket fit is extraordinarily different from watching a cricket healthy in any other shape. Yes, you could capture all of the action stay for your tv set, however you’ll truely miss out the joys of looking a stay cricket fit. Cheering your favored group and gamers is a superb enjoy, and this can become all of the more memorable revel in for you. I am sure that if you are a cricket fan, then as a minimum as soon as to your lifetime you’ll want to enjoy the pleasure of looking a stay cricket in shape.

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Cricket international cup 2007 is simply next door and this is a extremely good possibility for fanatics to seize up with a live cricket fit. Throughout the arena cup, all main gamers and teams may be taking part and showing their first-class cricketing skills to win the championship for turning into international champions. In case you manage to e book tickets for this tournament, be confident that you will witness the pleasant cricketing action. That is the most coveted name and all and sundry will make their fine efforts to win this.

Watching a live cricket match on televisions is also not a awful option for folks that do not have get entry to to watching a stay cricket suit on the sector. You could get ball through ball coverage of the whole thing that is taking place at the ground. In case you experience which you do no longer want to watch the suit all alone, you can name over your buddies on your location and cheer your team all the manner to victory, in the event that they play surely well.

However, a good deal may be said about catching live movement on tv or knowing approximately the today’s ratings on online websites, all of us realize that nothing is as thrilling as looking live cricket fit on the ground. It is easy to get to peer their cricketing idols in movement and if they may be lucky enough they also can meet all their cricketing heroes.

Tips for the New Year to Get Organised, Lose Weight and Be Happy!

Its that time of yr (as i sit down right here scripting this on new 12 months’s eve) while each person is supposed to be enjoyable in a post excursion bliss and considering what constructive changes you may make to your lifestyles within the next yr when in reality you’re much more likely taking into account the size of the credit card invoice so as to arrive in january, which of your offers you can return to the shop and also you get bombarded with bloggers list their ‘pinnacle 10 widgets of 2010’ even as subtly seeking to promote you stuff.

So following in that vein- and additionally due to the fact i understand a number of random **** and absolutely want humans to be as wholesome, happy and fulfilled as i am, right here are a few of my own thoughts and recommendations decided on at random for how to make your next yr better than your ultimate.

Training and exercise

I’m no longer going to patronise you with the aid of reminding you that if you need a healthy and healthy frame, you need to be doing this. (oops, simply did). Though within the grand scheme of things, consider- you can not out exercise an dangerous food regimen. That pint of beer or bar of chocolate you just had? This is probable a 30 minute speedy jog on the treadmill to burn the energy off. A person as soon as stated that nothing tastes as suitable as being in shape feels and while neither me nor anyone who’s had a medium uncommon argentinian steak washed down with a bottle of malbec accompanied by way of a cheesecake as big as a dinner plate will agree, i am hoping you get the factor.

Speaking of jogging, they say that in case you do something time and again for 30 days, after that it will become an ingrained addiction. Nicely, the oldsters over at nike+ reckon that after you upload the facts for simply 5 runs onto their device it will become a dependancy. For me, the whole nike+ element turns walking from something quite uninteresting to something pretty cool so if you fancy getting your running shoes on, test it out. (when you have an iphone you do not even need to shop for the transmitter)

In case you visit a gymnasium, i propose you do not appoint a private teacher, other than a person like me, manifestly). This could seem a pretty bizarre issue for me to say, so i will complicated. In my enjoy, maximum personal trainers produce quite average results. This is due to (a) inexperience and lack of knowledge but most significantly, (b) due to their ‘frame’. What this indicates is that- assuming they’re gymnasium employees, or self employed, they do not truly care about your effects, they simply need to get you to the fitness center, promote education classes and for you to maintain coming again. You’ll possibly get a few results, however are short converting your self long time. Eighty% of girls especially need to lose frame fats, and don’t like being advised that aerobic and classes on the electricity plate are a totally retarded way to head about it. Identical for the 50% of men who want to do this, too. And for the other 50% of guys that also want to place on some muscle groups- doing dumbbell curls on a bosu ball or press u.S.A.And lunges all day doesn’t do squat long time.

It truly is why i endorse you find a teacher that looks as if he knows what he’s talking about (i.E in higher form than you) or forestall studying the muscle comics and reading some of the classic books on weight lifting and adding muscular body weight like starting strength, or brawn. An awesome quick reduce is to buy a software like this, display and pass, which i tremendously propose.

Or if you suppose you’re large sufficient but want to cut a few bodyfat, check out the unbelievably named but very effective body of fire software i reviewed here. Or if you’re critical approximately doing some training however clearly can not or may not get to the gymnasium however can training session at home, check out something like the turbulence education (created by using a scottish private teacher, craig ballantyne) or the p90x program, (a very in your face and cheesey, but extremely effective application from america).

Weight loss plan and nutrients

As opposed to extraordinary you with some new each day mail grabbing headline (“new most cancers beating marvel meals”), thinking about maximum intelligent adults (and pals of mine, if distinct) recognize what a wholesome food regimen is, i am just going to offer you a quick take domestic tip- if it is available in a packet or box, don’t consume it. At a stroke this regulations out maximum of the processed and starch wealthy meals that is the trouble in the general public’s diets.

As an brought bonus, i used to be reminded the other day of some in reality cool studies related to humble cinnamon. Taken in sufficient quantities, it does excellent matters to blood sugar tiers (it maintains then down) and alters the insulinogenic residences of meals (i.E insulin generating). This is vast as excessive insulin ranges (precipitated by using excess sugar intake) are a chief purpose of fat benefit (ask a type 2 diabetic).

Anyway, the tip is this- if you frequently drink plenty milk (say to your morning past due or cappuccino)- begin including cinnamon powder to it in as a great deal quantity as you an cope with. Unless you’re nutrition or protein poor, milk is a main source of empty calories, is complete of sugar (its known as lactose but its a sugar, similar to that found in a jelly baby) and also you shouldn’t be consuming lots of it. However in case you’re going to- stick a load of cinnamon in it and document back to me how a lot weight you’ve lost.

I see that with the brand new yr has also include the discharge of a ebook – the brand new evolution weight loss plan- and re-invention by means of some scientist of the famous ‘paleo’ fashion of weight-reduction plan. ‘paleo’ diets is so called because fans agree with that the human frame hasn’t definitely modified lots inside the previous few thousand years and can not address all of the distinct meals stuffs determined in the contemporary weight loss program. You must consequently eat like a caveman and therefore the eating regimen is essentially to avoid diverse things like grains, dairy, refined sugars or even- for a few die tough adherents- fruit. If you could stick with this, it works quite nicely- no longer because (assuming you do not have particular food intolerances) there is something magical approximately it however more because via avoiding the ones certain ingredients, you just generally tend to east less energy simple and simple.

This complete paleo issue leads me onto (because one aspect that caveman failed to do is sit round consuming all day and most effective ate quite now and again) some thing else which is pretty thrilling and may be the subsequent component in ‘weight-reduction plan’ to go mainstream. Its known as “intermittent fasting” and is largely a brand new tackle plain vintage fasting wherein meals is most effective avoided for a sure wide variety of hours a day, or days according to week. One of the maximum on hand books on it’s miles referred to as eat stop consume and i’ll be reviewing this in the close to future.Inside the intervening time, there may be a ton of records as a way to google in case you’re fascinated.

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Keeping Indian Ringneck Parakeets as Pets

Common names

Indian ringneck parrot, Indian ringneck parrot



Although the Indian ringneck has something of a reputation for being nippy and tough to educate, it is essentially undeserved.

Due to the fact they’re so smart, ringnecks lose interest very easily, and could frequently motel to chewing and different unfavourable conduct if left to their personal gadgets. In addition they go through a bluffing stage throughout formative years that is hard for some owners to manipulate. Ringnecks which might be treated regularly and well cared for, but, normally have candy, captivating personalities that cause them to a favourite of chook lovers everywhere. Their voices are almost comical as it’s miles a completely high-pitched but candy little voice. They do no longer have the recognition of being very affectionate however they’re generally a low-renovation bird if there is really the sort of thing. They do require time and attention notwithstanding their aloof personalities.


Ringnecks are available in shades starting from vibrant yellows, veggies, and blues, to albinos. Like a few other bird species, they’re known as dimorphic, that means that a hen’s sex can be determined by using its colorations and markings.

Males sport deep purple beaks, black facial markings, and 3 bands or color around their necks. Ladies, whilst nevertheless lovely, lack the facial and collar bands, even though a few do display a barely slight darkening of coloration round their necks.


Wild Indian ringnecks typically banquet on a diet of end result, greens, nuts, berries, and seeds.

Within the wild, they live in lightly timbered regions as well as farmed regions of the geographical region. They can be determined in western and southern areas of sudan. This species is quite popular inside the middle east and they’re often bred there. However they can nonetheless be determined within the wild. They tour in flocks so they may be used to having business enterprise. Inside the wild, they eat berries, fruit, nectar from plant life in addition to nicely as the flora themselves.

At the same time as most vets agree that it’s far exceptional for captive birds to consume a nutritionally balanced pelleted food plan, a ringneck will recognize a diffusion of culmination and vegetables of their weight loss plan. Leafy vegetables and greens are important for any associate parrot for a nutritionally sound food regimen and the Indian ringneck parrot is no exception. As with all birds, food and water boxes need to be emptied, cleaned, and refilled daily to lessen the risk of bacterial boom and infection.

Variations of the American Bulldog

At the same time as the american bulldog is all one breed, it does genuinely are available in four awesome versions, as well as a variant referred to as a “hybrid,” that’s a bred mixture of any of the opposite four kinds. These bulldogs range in look and structure, but all of them maintain the simple characteristics of the breed in widespread.

The standard american bulldog (also referred to as the “overall performance” american bulldog or the “scott” american bulldog) are much less wrinkled than their opposite numbers, with smooth skin throughout the skull. Popular american bulldogs are often incorrect for pit bulls due to their smooth, wide-set heads. Their snouts could be a piece longer than different styles of american bulldog and they’re normally taller, as nicely. That is the quicker variety that has developed a popularity as being aggressive, although proper education can prevent any capability bad conduct.

Old southern bulldogs are natural white. They are referred to as white english bulldogs, as well. Whilst they are extra wrinkly than their popular opposite numbers, they are nevertheless larger than the ordinary english or british bulldog. They may be regularly named the “authentic” kind of american bulldog and are mated with the other variations to keep the breed close to its roots.

The margentina bulldog, additionally known as “the painter,” are the smallest model of the bulldog. The margentinas are stronger and had been first of all bred to be used in dog combating. This version of the breed is supposed to be significantly greater competitive than other Filhote American Bully. It’s miles even stated that margentinas were move-bred with pit bulls to assist increase their electricity and aggression, but this can just be an city fantasy. Margentinas, because of their nature and use in preventing, are often inbred with the aid of irresponsible owners.

The traditional american bulldogs are technically referred to as johnson bulldogs. These are the variety that most of the people think of once they image an american bulldog, being a long way large than their opposite numbers and having a stunted muzzle. Johnson american bulldogs also have wrinkling in the face and soggy lips, the way a typical bulldog is stereotyped.

Hybrids are any aggregate of these 4 kinds, and are regularly healthier dogs. Hybrids cannot had been inbred, as their mares and sires should have differing bloodlines and functions. The wonderful loss of inbreeding in hybrid american bulldogs leads to much less health and temperament troubles. Hybrid bulldogs are often bred to supply most effective proper developments and reformulate new variations of the yankee bulldog, typically with less aggression or capability fitness problems. The traditional and popular american bulldogs are the maximum not unusual blend for a hybrid.

Dental Implants – The Future of Dentistry

It’s smooth to understand why dental implants have end up very famous nowadays. Implant dentistry is especially predictable, offers more flexibility almost about treatment opportunities, and can supply sufferers completely practical teeth in as brief as an hour with minimal soreness and ache the use of a neighborhood anesthetic without or with sedation.

With contemporary generation, dental implants can update a single teeth or the complete higher or lower tooth. Additionally they help guide dentures, making them greater comfy and comfortable. This makes them an ideal alternative for people who have lost a tooth or enamel due to periodontal disorder, an injury, or some other reason.

In Dental Implants Philippines, oral implants were first popularized by means of dr. Joseph d. Lim, a diplomate of the global congress of oral implantologists and previous president of the asian oral implant academy. At his sanatorium at suite 202 of the jollibee center building along san miguel road in pasig town, manila, lim defined that humans with dental implants have many reasons to smile. First is due to the fact dental implants look, experience, and feature just like herbal tooth. Lim stated they stop the jawbone from shrinking and do away with the want to regulate healthful tooth.

In contrast to conventional dentures and bridgework that depend on neighboring enamel for aid, lim said dental implants integrate with the bone and wholesome enamel don’t should be destroyed to deal with them. This effects in an advanced look, a extra herbal smile, and extra self-confidence. Due to the fact they may be anchored securely for your jawbone, lim said dental implants also improve your appetite. They can help you consume your preferred ingredients with comfort and self belief.

Just about everyone with missing teeth can get a dental implant supplied he or she is in accurate fitness and has sufficient jawbone for the implant. However the latter shouldn’t be a problem nowadays considering manufacturers have give you new implant designs that suit someone’s bone shape.

What lim is extra worried approximately is the misuse of dental implants with the aid of a few dentists who are pretending to be specialists. Lim warned that now not all dentists can perform implant surgery which has its very own percentage of dangers this is why it’s crucial to test the individual’s credentials. American fitness magazine said that ninety percent of dentists who name themselves “implantologists” have attended most effective quick weekend courses which might be barely sufficient to cause them to experts. To defend your self from those “pseudo-implantologists,” get to know the dentist’s historical past and training and do not be ashamed to invite.

For toothless folks who want to eat, communicate, talk, and stay usually, lim stated dental implants are the solution. As the era grows and will become greater less expensive, lim is confident it is only a matter of time earlier than we see an end to the suffering because of enamel decay.

“oral implants are the destiny of dentistry. In fact, it’s miles the most effective department of dentistry which could update missing tooth. As the human lifespan will increase, so will the want for dental implants. Notwithstanding advances in oral fitness, enamel decay continues to be a major hassle and the number of toothless people is expected to grow. With dental implants, these humans can stay usually and quite simply. They’re the following satisfactory factor to actual teeth,” lim concluded.

Lacking or bad enamel can affect your appearance and make you look old and ugly. Having first-class strains and wrinkles can make subjects worse. If you don’t want to take chances with botox because of its feasible facet results, transfer to the rejuvinol am/pm botox opportunity age-defying device.

Hand Tattoos For Girls

Hand tattoos for girls hold a very full-size ancient that means. Whilst western cultures do not view them within the same ability, many jap cultures greatly help hand tattoos as a manner of demonstrating their social popularity, their intelligence, or maybe their profession. Popular for wedding ceremonies or other henna tattoos and arabic hand tattoos for ladies include some of the maximum complex designs related to any tattoos because of their constrained frame space.

Inside the arab world, this form of tattoo is part of a broadly practiced ritual. While those tattoos often fade after a few weeks, the complex patterns are usually accomplished via the usage of stencils. The small, symbolic meanings related to hand tattoos are typically seen at some stage in north africa. It became the egyptian christians who might support a go tattoo on their wrist or on their hand. Despite the recognition, it isn’t always normal for tourists or visitors to request the equal tattoos, mainly because they often locate prices for the layout which might be religious, an offense to working towards muslims.

While this type of tattoo is very popular in arab worlds, they’re now not as famous in western international’s wherein the ladies will paintings often or where their fingers are rarely covered. This must be taken into consideration previous to getting hand tattoos finished. Once that decision has been made, it is right to recognize that there are four principal elements of the hand which can be tattooed. These areas include the fingers, the wrist, the forearm, and the upper arm.

Finger hand tattoos are clearly the smallest in size, and consequently hardly sizeable. Wedding bands or wedding ceremony earrings are very popular. This is a completely particular and trendy manner to explicit your love and never run the risk of dropping a marriage band. Another option is to have a name inscribed around or alongside the hands. This layout is the most famous in phrases of finger hand tattoos for women. Wrist tattoos normally consist of a bracelet or vines wrapping around the wrist in a circular way. The second one most famous idea is a butterfly or a celebrity at the corner of the wrist, symbolizing many various things for different people. Forearm tattoo designs are commonly the location for large tattoos along with a go or a celtic knot. Finally, upper arm designs are often the region of symbols of power or strength together with a dragon or zodiac image.

Palavras para conquistar um homem

Um homem se apaixona por você, porque ele sabe que ele pode estar ao seu redor.

Ele se apaixona por você porque ele se sente com segurança expressando seus sentimentos íntimos e privados por você.

Ele sabe que você pode lidar com seus sentimentos. Ele pode sentir isso. E porque ele sente que, no nível mais inconsciente, ele começa a ansiar por sua companhia, pelo seu toque, pelo seu carinho. Ele pode nem saber por que ele se sente assim.

Tudo o que ele sabe é que há algo especial em você que ele não sente com nenhuma outra mulher em sua vida. Ele quer levá-lo em seus braços e mantê-lo para sempre.


Isto é o que acontece com um homem …


Esta é a “psicologia secreta” de como conquistar um homem com palavras .

Eu digo que é um segredo porque é pouco compreendido pelas mulheres (E homens). É raro que você ou ele saiba exatamente por que ele se sente hipnotizado por você e quer se aproximar de você e persegui-la por algo sério e duradouro.

Muitos de nós estamos errados sobre por que um homem se apaixona.

Nós pensamos que um homem precisa de sexo, ou tem que ter uma mulher fabulosamente linda com um ótimo corpo. Nós pensamos que um homem se apaixona por nós, porque somos gentis com ele e nos doamos. ESPECIALMENTE dando-se.

Então, fazemos coisas para ele:

Nós preparamos refeições adoráveis ​​e oferecemos conselhos profundos e pensativos sobre o que o incomoda. Acendemos velas quando ele vem. Nós colocamos nossas roupas mais sexy e lingerie de renda.


Nós nos tornamos exclusivas com ele sem sequer um pensamento passageiro para o que queremos, ou se ele já atendeu às nossas necessidades para um relacionamento seguro, amoroso e comprometido.


Nós damos nossos corpos, nossas almas, nossas mentes a ele.

E ainda diz que ele não tem certeza de como ele se sente. Ou ele se torna distante e temperamental. Ou ele pára de nos telefonar ou nos pediu sempre que costumava fazer.

Ou ele faz algo muito prejudicial, ou engana-nos, ou nos diz que ele não acredita que você está “destinado” a estar juntos.

Isso acontece porque, no fundo, você não desencadeou amor em seu CORAÇÃO. Você não se conectou no nível mais profundo e íntimo … seus sentimentos