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Cool Whatsapp Status

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Country Music Singers: Paying It Forward

Personal Lives and Paying It Forward

Country music singers can appear one way to the outside world, and another way to those with whom they have close relationships. As fans or country music lovers, it is easy to forget that the artists we see on the TV screen in our family rooms, or the “big screen” at the movies are people just like us. There is one exception-they “scored it big” with their talents, but humanly, they have the same hurts, pains, likes, dislikes or loves as everyone else. In many instances, the country music songs they sing tell the world what is going on in their souls. Listen and you will hear!

Just as we enjoy touching the lives of people in a positive way, so do country music singers. Having this awareness is the focal point of this article. It takes a look at the personal lives of artists, who they were before, during and after fame and fortune, and how they use their wealth, knowledge and connections to impact the lives of others. Click Here to know more.

Personal Life Defined

How does one describe an individual’s personal life? Wikipedia says, “In modern times, many people have come to think of their personal lives as separate from work. Work and recreation are distinct; one is either on the job or not, and the transition is abrupt.” The definition makes a distinction between being on the job and not being on the job. Being on the job seems to dictate one method of behavior, while off the job signals another. Once the job is clearly known, the behavior when one is there should be different from the behavior when one is not there.

Personality, on the other hand, defines the core of a person’s being-his individuality. Unless he is especially clever in deception, observation of habitual patterns and qualities of behavior give a glimpse of who a person really is. Watch the attitude! Check out the physical nuances, and soon, the real person shines through.

Society equates financial success and prestige with good character and sound moral values. One has nothing to do with the other. A DUI for a country music singer should not make the headlines if a DUI for “Joe Blow” does not make the headlines.

There are those who would argue “That’s the price you pay for fortune and fame,” or “Fortune and fame are only placed on broad shoulders, wear them carefully.” The flip side of that argument is “As long as I give you great music, what I do outside of that, is my business and not your concern.” Should character, conduct and motives be private? Such a question is food for thought and not the focus of this article.

The underlying principle that governs what one does on the job, should govern his motives and actions outside of the job. There are consequences for all actions-famous or non-famous, rich or poor.


Paying It Forward

The phrase “paying it forward” is tossed around in today’s conversations like a basketball in a “play-off” game. What does it mean? How does it apply to country music singers?

I read several definitions before writing this article, and the one many readers chose was: “When something, usually good, happens to you, you turn around and do something good for someone else. Instead of paying something “back” you are paying it “forward” on to the next person.”

The writer is simply saying one kind act done to you, deserves you’re doing a kind act to someone else, not necessarily the person who did it for you. It is simply the Golden Rule jazzed up a bit. Now that we are all on the same page with the meaning, the question arises, “Do you believe country music singers pay it forward?” This article takes the position that they do. Millions of fans pay it forward by buying the artists’ CDs and DVDs.

Why Photo Booth Rental Is Becoming Popular

Throwing a celebration is not usually clean, as there are just too many things that require your attention. You need to reflect onconsideration on the menu, sending out invites or even a laugh sports to help preserve every person glad. Of path, you could rent a caterer to take care of the meals and let your neighborhood image arts business enterprise address designing the invitation, however consider the activities. To maintain guests occupied for a long time, renting a photograph booth can do the trick.

A recently added technological leap forward, the image location makes the maximum of the want to preserve reminiscences alive. Most non-public and even corporate occasions gain from image booth offerings. It’s far now a common presence in birthday events, weddings, and corporate gatherings.

Most picture booth companies involve putting in place a exquisite digicam and modern-day printer for photo seize and fast digital printing. They also provide a tarpaulin with the logo of the business enterprise and the name of each the celebrant and the event. Another exciting addition to the photo taking consultation is the unfastened use of fancy and playful accessories along with caps, eyeglasses, and colourful wigs. They also assist you to use different toys inclusive of swords, shields, or even bizarre-looking mask.

Apart from enjoying unique poses in a wide range of themes, image area are famous because the pics taken are crisps and the photographs are digitally to be had in seconds. Most people also pick hiring a image location apartment so that they not need to fear about the responsibility of taking photos of the event. With that project out of their hand, the celebration host or the celebrants can awareness on having an amazing time themselves.

Price is also a attention. Photograph sales space carriers commonly fee in keeping with hour and the package already includes unlimited image taking for the duration of the event, free photo printing, unfastened use of tarpaulin, and get right of entry to to amusing and colourful accessories. Any other gain is that most organizations add all the snap shots taken at some stage in the occasion in their organization internet site. This permits for easy down load and printing even after the event is over.

The sort of bundle differs especially on the accessories. A better-priced package deal can also consist of a devoted photographer, even as top rate programs include a photographer and a videographer. There is little to no need of editing pix to take away unsightly blemishes as the carrier frequently includes loose immediate enhancing. What you and your guests gets are amazing-best, expertly taken snap shots.

The picture sales space commercial enterprise is rewarding enough to attract all sorts of enterprising individuals. It’s miles vital to pick out your provider wisely to avoid coping with learners inside the commercial enterprise, which can significantly have an effect on the satisfactory of the photographs. That is why you need to check hooked up companies like most excellent picture region to make certain you get first-class photo booth rental in Los Angeles sales space offerings with all the freebies blanketed.

True love

My husband and I got married at eight in the morning. It was winter, freezing, the trees encased in ice and a few lone blackbirds balancing on telephone wires. We were in our early 30s, considered ourselves hip and cynical, the types who decried the institution of marriage even as we sought its status. During our wedding brunch we put out a big suggestion box and asked people to slip us advice on how to avoid divorce; we thought it was a funny, clear-eyed, grounded sort of thing to do, although the suggestions were mostly foolish: Screw the toothpaste cap on tight. After the guests left, the house got quiet. There were flowers everywhere: puckered red roses and fragile ferns. “What can we do that’s really romantic?” I asked my newly wed one. Benjamin suggested we take a bath. I didn’t want a bath. He suggested a lunch of chilled white wine and salmon. I was sick of salmon.

What can we do that’s really romantic? The wedding was over, the silence seemed suffocating, and I felt the familiar disappointment after a longed-for event has come and gone. We were married. Hip, hip, hooray. I decided to take a walk. I went into the center of town, pressed my nose against a bakery window, watched the man with flour on his hands, the dough as soft as skin, pushed and pulled and shaped at last into stars. I milled about in an antique store. At last I came to our town’s tattoo parlor. Now I am not a tattoo type person, but for some reason, on that cold silent Sunday, I decided to walk in. “Can I help you?” a woman asked.

“Is there a kind of tattoo I can get that won’t be permanent?” I asked.

“Henna tattoos,” she said.

She explained that they lasted for six weeks, were used at Indian weddings, were stark and beautiful and all brown. She showed me pictures of Indian women with jewels in their noses, their arms scrolled and laced with the henna markings. Indeed they were beautiful, sharing none of the gaudy comic strip quality of the tattoos we see in the United States. These henna tattoos spoke of intricacy, of the webwork between two people, of ties that bind and how difficult it is to find their beginnings and their ends. And because I had just gotten married, and because I was feeling a post wedding letdown, and because I wanted something really romantic to sail me through the night, I decided to get one.

“Where?” she asked.

“Here,” I said. I laid my hands over my breasts and belly.

She raised her eyebrows. “Sure,” she said.

I am a modest person. But I took off my shirt, lay on the table, heard her in the back room mixing powders and paints. She came to me carrying a small black-bellied pot inside of which was a rich red mush, slightly glittering. She adorned me. She gave me vines and flowers. She turned my body into a stake supporting whole new gardens of growth, and then, low around my hips, she painted a delicate chain-linked chastity belt. An hour later, the paint dry, I put my clothes back on, went home to find my newly wed one. This, I knew, was my gift to him, the kind of present you offer only once in your lifetime. I let him undress me.

“Wow,” he said, standing back.

I blushed, and we began.

We are no longer beginning, my husband and I. This does not surprise me. Even back then, wearing the decor of desire, the serpentining tattoos, I knew they would fade, their red clay color bleaching out until they were gone. On my wedding day I didn’t care.

I do now. Eight years later, pale as a pillowcase, here I sit, with all the extra pounds and baggage time brings. And the questions have only grown more insistent. Does passion necessarily diminish over time? How reliable is romantic love, really, as a means of choosing one’s mate? Can a marriage be good when Eros is replaced with friendship, or even economic partnership, two people bound by bank accounts?

Let me be clear: I still love my husband. There is no man I desire more. But it’s hard to sustain romance in the crumb-filled quotidian that has become our lives. The ties that bind have been frayed by money and mortgages and children, those little imps who somehow manage to tighten the knot while weakening its actual fibers. Benjamin and I have no time for chilled white wine and salmon. The baths in our house always include Big Bird.

If this all sounds miserable, it isn’t. My marriage is like a piece of comfortable clothing; even the arguments have a feel of fuzziness to them, something so familiar it can only be called home. And yet…


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